Hello ALL LFMS Families!
The LFMS PTSA is providing some helpful instructions/tips to navigate around the LFMS Virtual Reflections, “I MATTER BECAUSE” Art Gallery for you…
To make your viewing of the art gallery more pleasurable, please read important info below:
  • Take the “Guided Tour” with music (Music only plays on the guided tour – I recommend to do the guided tour first, then feel free to browse the gallery yourself.):   If your guided tour does not start your “automatic” tour after you click on “Start Guide Tour”, click on “Go to Guide Point” and choose from the drop down menu -OR- click on “Next Guide Point” to take you to the next stop on the tour.  Commands are at the bottom, middle of your monitor screen.   For best overall viewing pleasure, click on the specific guide commands to take you around the gallery. ((Music will stop in between each stop on the tour and will start again at the beginning of each stopexcept at all audio (i.e. Literature w/books icon) film and video entries)).
  • The  icons in upper left corner of screen have meaning, they are:
  1. tutorial for keyboard commands. (Commands to move around the gallery are easier with keyboard arrow keys, NOT your external mouse! )
  2.  full screen
  3.  quality settings (choose between Low, Normal or High, graphic settings – (recommended Normal settings)
  4.  adjust volume
    = by double clicking the feet, it will take you real fast in front of anything you want to view.


  • double click on the video or film to bring up white box, then play to view and listen…
  • click Stop before moving on (entry will continuously play if not.)
  • double click on the books to listen…
  • click Stop before moving on (entry will continuously play if not.)
Helpful tips:
#1 – If your commands are not responding, give it a few seconds to respond.
#2 – X out of  literature, film or video and try to play it again.
#3 – X out of art gallery all together and log on again
#4 – If 1-3 fails, contact Carna Ahmadzai @ carna.ahmadzai@gmail.com and explain the problem you are having.
  1. “List of Participants” on wall by categories
  2. “Find the Bear” on wall by categories
  3. “Did You Know” on cube in back
  4. “Volunteer” on cube in back
  5. “Tribute” on cube in back
Pls enjoy the gallery!!
P.S. Invite your family, friends and neighbors to check out the gallery too!
Thank You!


LFMS Volunteer Coordinator