CONGRATULATIONS to all of the students who submitted an entry in this year´s ¨I Matter Because¨, Reflections Art Contest. Each of your entries were wonderful and everyone did a great job! You all are winners! Thank You for participating!
**Award of Excellence (1st Place)
Vanessa Doss – 7th grade – ¨The Dance Inside Me¨ – Dance
Grace Staudenmaier – 7th grade – ¨Do You Feel Like You Matter¨ – Film
Harrison Pope – 7th grade – ¨The Adventures of Earwax Boy¨ – Literature
Ellie Peterson – 8th grade – ¨The Fire Within Me¨ – Photography
Hailey Palacio – 6th grade – ¨Me in a Treasure Box¨ – Visual Art
**Award of Excellence (1st Place) winners will move onto the next phase…District Judging.
Merit (2nd Place)
Morgan Matura – 8th grade – ¨Purpose¨ – Film
Cameron Gerard – 6th grade – ¨I Matter Because¨ – Literature
Julianna ¨Jewels¨ Laciura – 6th grade – ¨Our Hearts Matter¨ – Photography
Ryoga Noma – 8th grade – ¨Paper and Pencil¨ – Visual Arts
Honorable Mention (3rd Place)
Aleena Charles – 7th grade – ¨I Matter and We Matter¨ – Literature
Matthew Crane – 8th grade – ¨A Boy and his Cat¨ – Photography
Lucy Smith – 8th grade – ¨The Flower Girl¨ – Visual Arts