Why We Support Measure M

The NEED is well documented. CUSD schools are aging and require extensive repairs.

Major funding is required. High quality schools IMPROVE LEARNING and INCREASE PROPERTY VALUES.

LOCAL FUNDING by way of a bond is the only funding method that can address the large amount required.

Operating funds have never been intended to fund major facility improvements. CA districts recognize that a bond is required to improve facilities.

170 DISTRICTS have a school facility bond on the ballot in November. A successful bond measure is the only way for CUSD to be ELIGIBLE FOR MATCHING FUNDS up to $229 million from state Proposition 51.

CUSD’s current facility bond assessment is the LOWEST among large unified school districts in Orange County. Even with Measure M in place, CUSD will be average in taxpayer cost among these districts.

CUSD has PLANNED FACILITY IMPROVEMENTS for years working with stakeholder inputs. In 2009, the Facilities Master Plan was created. Over the years it has been updated numerous times.

COMMUNITY INPUT  was collected and recommendations were made by the Community on School Classrooms and Campus Facilities group. The group recommended a district-wide funding model. A district-wide bond is the only way to ensure that EVERY CHILD is provided an updated, safe, modern, high-quality facility.

If Measure M DOES NOT PASS, CUSD will have to put forth another bond at a later date. This could take years, CUSD will miss out on matching funds, and our students will continue in existing conditions.

Measure M Info

CUSD SCHOOLS ARE AGING. The range in age from 8 to 90 years. 70% are 20+ and 30% are 40+ years old.

CUSD, like all public schools in CA, faced MAJOR FUNDING CUTS during the recent recession. These cuts impacted maintenance funds.

Measure M would ASSESS AT $43 PER $100,000 of tax assessed value, not market value. With average assessed value of $385,000 in the assessed area, the average bond assessment would be @ $185.

PROJECTS ARE LISTED on the CUSD web site and are organized by school site.

By law, BOND FUNDS MUST BE USED FOR safety improvements and modernization and may not be used for salaries, pensions, daily operations, maintenance operations, or consumables. Money must be used locally and by law cannot be taken away by the State or used for other purposes.

CUSD will SET ASIDE 2% of the operating budget for routine annual maintenance of facilities. Each year, funds will also be placed in a special reserve to meet future construction, deferred maintenance, and other repair needs.


  1.  The Independent Citizen Oversight Committee will be comprised of community members.
  2. The School Facilities and Finance Committee will include representation from all the school feeder patterns,
  3. School Family Regional Committees will have represetatives from each school site.

Measure M will have 2 ANNUAL INDEPENDENT AUDITS: an Annual Performance Audit and an Annual Financial Audit.