LFMS PTSA conducts 4 Association Meetings per year. These are held  in September, November, March, & May. They are open to the public and voting rights are extended to all paid members. They take place from 9am-11am at LFMS. We heartily encourage anyone to attend who would like to be informed and involved in their child’s  school and education.

The September Meeting provides the public and PTSA members with  the plans for programs, activities  & budget for the upcoming school year. This year the meeting  will be on 9/12/19

The November meeting  provides reports on membership and how the school year plans are progressing.This year the meeting  will be on 11/14/19

The March Meeting is when the candidates for the incoming Executive Board are elected in to office. This year the meeting  will be on 3/12/20

The May Meeting reports a summary of the plans, programs, and activities that happened during the school year in addition to the preliminary budget being presented for the new school year. This year the meeting  will be on 5/14/20