PAL is excited to present our Kindness Matters Week. Throughout the week we will have themes, activities, quotes, and challenges, all in the name of kindness! We will  “Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti!” to  kick off the week on Monday with a special assembly guest speaker: Patrick Maurer. Patrick will be presenting: WORDS WITH FRIENDS.  Words can hurt. Words can help.  It’s a matter of how we use them.  This fun, engaging and hilarious presentation will challenge us to imagine a world where kindness is the new norm and where our days are a little bit easier.

“Make Kindness a Part of You” and wear blue on Monday 2/6.

“Ride the Wave of Kindness” and wear Hawaiian or surf wear on Tuesday 2/7.

On Wednesday, 2/8 “Let Your Kindness Glow” and wear neon.

“Be Powered by Kindness” and dress like a superhero on 2/9.

To end the week 2/10, let’s “Dream of Kindness” and wear pajamas. Don’t forget to act on that kindness and bring PJs to donate to those in need.