Our LFMS PTSA decided years ago to forgo fundraisers during the year and instead do a ‘suggested donation’ amount at registration.  Based on the contributions we received during registration this year we have not raised enough to support our budget for the 2022/23 school year.

Through your donations, the LFMS PTSA is able to provide activities and programs such as: Grade Specific ACE(Walk Through events), Music and Performing Arts, Student Planners and so much more! Two main ACE (Walk through Events): Ancient Wonder of the World (6th) and Medieval Faire (7th), rely 100% on these donations. Is your child in one of the 4 arts programs (Band, Drama, Orchestra, Choir)? Without donations we may not be able to replace needed equipment, provide sheet music, provide for music festival and judges, purchase materials for props, field trip transportation, just to name a few! 

Did you know the LFMS PTSA offers our teachers and staff grants? The monies collected for Teacher and Staff Technology grant help bridge the funding gap between our teacher and campus needs versus district funding. Last year we were able to update our campus by adding touchless water filtration systems, provide more PE equipment, library upgrades. 

Unfortunately, if we do not raise enough funds to cover these costs, we will have to make the hard decision of scaling back on these events and programs.

If you have already donated, we and the LFMS staff, truly appreciate it. If you have not had the chance to make your donation please do so by going to the CheddarUp link below. This link will be available until Sunday, August 7th.


If you would like more information about what these programs and activities entail or offer, please do not hesitate to contact Talin Kasbarian-Baghjajian at: lfmsptsapresident@gmail.com

Does your company match charitable donations? Please ask us on how you can double your impact by doubling your donation with the Corporate  Matching Program! 


Talin Kasbarian Baghjajian 

LFMS PTSA President 2022-23

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